Planning and Designing you Dream Kitchen

The kitchen if often the heart of anyone’s home – and so its super important when it comes to planning, to define some key elements which will help create that new special space. Not only should it look great, it also needs to function in a way specific to you.
Why not grab a cuppa, and cook up some design inspo with this quick read.
First off, in approaching your new kitchen, we would always ask ‘what do you want this space to be?’
Kitchens can be many different things to people; it can be purely a functional space to make quick meals, an everyday casual family space to gather in, or it can be a space to have guests, linger and entertain. So, whether its beans on toast for a quick supper, or a 5 course meal with friends and family, we can design something to suit your lifestyle and budget. Being honest about how you live, or want to live, can be the start of creating a new kitchen which supports you and looks great at the same time.
Essential to any kitchen, no matter the size, is the layout. We recommend the ‘golden working triangle’ rule, relating to the connection between the cooker, sink, and fridge.
We would always recommend knowing what appliances you have, would like, and need the kitchen to include, and whether you would like free standing or integrated. Also, if you have special equipment which might need stored – perhaps large coffee machines, heavy bowls, or large mixers for baking, we can accommodate this in a super deep drawer or larder unit.
Super accessible pull out ‘le mans’ and magic corner systems are super handy for using spaces at the backs of corners – great for items you may have stored away most of the time. Simply swivel the shelves towards you in a smooth motion, and hey presto – everything within easy reach without grappling to the back of deep cupboards.
If you would like your cabinets to be the star of the show, then choosing integrated helps give a seamless look, as they’ll be housed within the cabinetry, and we can assist with your choices.
Generally, room dimensions and obstacles such as door and window openings, can guide towards a new kitchen layout. Even if a rooms dimensions may seem limiting, often quite minor adjustments can make all the difference in the functionality of a space.
Moving around the kitchen, Its important also to leave a good amount of worktop space free for food preparation, resting and laying down hot trays and pots, so this can really be helpful for food preparation, and serving meals. We can co ordinate and upholster the serving area finish to match the kitchen cabinetry if you wish, to tie in the zones.
If you have space for an island, or a peninsula, then this can also act as a great way to zone a space, perhaps creating a break between the kitchen and a dining area. Islands can create extra storage for work, rest, and play. A clever seating area, can also be designed within this space, making it a perfect place to hang out with a cook book, or to help with homework while cooking. Drawers can be extra wide and deep, for extra storage. So your perch spot can be highly practical.
Once you have these choices made, we can turn to the aesthetics, and really start to personalise your new kitchen.
There are so many choices out there, with a dizzying array of styles, colours and finishes, and so we can help guide through this. Perhaps you want to keep it bright, clean and handleless, Scandi inspired and neutral, or maybe you’re deciding this time, you fancy a ‘more is more’ – whatever you like, we can help co ordinate this into a space which will create harmony and balance within the space.Our handmade kitchens offer styles ranging from contemporary, ideal for a clean every day look; Vanquish true handleless which features metal recessed rail details in 3 different colour options, for a completely up to date sleek look, through to Shaker, and Original Classic.

Contemporary, vanquish, shaker, original classic

All styles come in a wide range of colours, and some can even be painted a bespoke colour.
Now, to colour! You may already have an idea of how you would like the new space to look and feel. Is it an urban formal smart space, something low lit and muted, country inspired, or something bright with colour pops? Although it’s fun and exciting to jump on a trend, you will have this kitchen perhaps for a long time, and so we would suggest thinking of the rest of the home, the style of the property, and the colours you gravitate toward most naturally.
Trends for neutrals and naturals are not going anywhere – and we’d advise if you opt for this, that you mix your textures to keep it interesting. Think natural herringbone wood on the floor, a beautiful metro tile with puddled glaze and contrasting grout on the walls. or perhaps a brushed brass splashback to add warmth. You can really play with tones and textures, so neutral when done right is never boring.
If you choose to walk on the wild side, a general rule is no more than 2 main colours on cabinets . A great way to have more than one colour is lower cabinets and upper wall cabinets to be contrasting or perhaps an island to be in a bold colour.
With so many beautiful options, it’s easy to want them all. We will always pull together a mood board for you, with door finishes, handles or recessed rails, flooring, splashback material, and tiles if using, and this all help to give a picture of your new kitchen.
Worktops, in a ceramic or quartz will add that touch of luxury, and can take on lots of looks with the range of materials, and thicknesses available, and edging options ranging from a sleek contemporary chamfer, to a traditional and softer bullnose. We are happy to walk our clients through our brand’s showroom in Glasgow, and discuss options. You can even choose your own piece of stone, making each kitchen unique.

Last but not least, we could never forget lighting. Whatever the room, if its not well lit it can be flat and not be shown off to its best. We can consult on zoning areas again with light, with dimmable spots ideal for the busy cooking areas. Task lights are important, and can be included over or inside cabinets, to illuminate glasses or special utensils.

If you like a little bit of drama, a pendant light over the dining area or island is a great way to bring focus to a special feature. Using a volume in a room always helps make a feature of the height, and a fun way to play with the high low eye levels.
Another way to integrate lighting is to add it to the plinth level, under cabinets, and underneath worktops. This is a beautiful effect, with the soft glow lending enough light to see, but without the need to turn on any main lights. Perfect if you need a quick glass of water during the night.
Whatever your kitchen aspirations, from cabinets and appliances, lighting and wall coverings, we can guide you through all the options, and make a space unique to you.
Why not call us for a chat, and book an initial free consultation.
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New Year, New Spaces

As we pack away decorations and clear the decks for a new year it’s all too familiar to feel the urge to refresh spaces.

So whether it’s a brand new kitchen or a refresh of other spaces, the following blogs will hopefully inspire you to reimagine areas.

Fabulous, functional, and always with finesse, this is how we design.

Image of spacious office

“With so much time being spent at home, and the recent demands of a home to be also a workspace as well as personal and family space…”

With so much time being spent at home, and the recent demands of a home to be also a workspace as well as personal and family space, you may realise spaces can be reworked and can adapt to a new way of life. There are lots of options to meet these requirements, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Our services are on hand

Let us know what you have in mind, and we can provide an initial consultation.

We are on hand, should you be thinking about perhaps a radical kitchen makeover, maybe a new home office, or even if you feel this year calls for some much needed extra space by way of an extension. Let us know what you have in mind, and we can provide an initial consultation.

We are experts also, in giving spaces a new lease of life with a considered colour palette, beautiful wall and floor treatments, and gorgeous fabrics to dress your windows.
Perhaps you think this year is the time to try out something totally different?

Our extensive fabric and paper libraries have everything you could need, for walls, windows, even upholstery. Whether you favour graphics, abstracts, florals, heavyweight-cottons, velvets or sheer voiles. We can even trim with a tassel if you wish, and who wouldn’t want that?

While we do love colour and pattern, we are also on board with a more serene look. Our gorgeous collections of neutral stone tiles, all in glossy or matt finishes, and beautiful woven textures in our fabric and wall covering ranges will lend that warm and timeless look to a space.

At AB Design Studio we work collaboratively with every client. The combinations are bespoke to your own personality, taste, and we’re always delighted to pull together a mood tray, full of textures, fabrics, and colours to help visualize the end result, unique to you.